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About Us

Cuts 4 Crafts was set up in 2014 and was a very low key affair with only a few local customers.

Over the years we have gone from strength to strength and have grown into one of the UK's leading craft suppliers of MDF shapes and frames, specifically aimed at 'crafty' traders.

We have developed our product range to include all that our clients require, however, this is a mission that will never end. We are continually adding new products to our ranges and we encourage all visitors to let us know if there is something missing from our site. You can do this from our contact us page.

So What Do We Actually Do

Here at we specialise in designing and machining small crafty blank MDF products.

From tiny letters and numbers for creating your own signage, up to personalised photo frames for that special occasion. All of our designs are created on our software in house. Although we take inspiration from other products and customer feedback, we make sure always to design our products from scratch.

You will see from our product range that we have some nice designs. We would obviously like to have more designs on here but also like to take our time to build the range in a controlled way. Letting customers down or not sticking to our very stringent quality control is a massive no no for us!

We do our best to keep as many of our products stocked as possible. However, as we have 1000's of product choices, this would be impossible. We do have a fast turnaround machining time though, currently set at 2 working days, but we do manage to machine and dispatch most orders on the next day.

What is MDF?

Just in case you want to know here is a very informative extract taken from Wikipeadia.

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